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Harriman Law is committed to providing a level of personal service that is unrivaled at larger firms, and we pride ourselves on the deep and lasting relationships we form with our clients.

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Personal Injury

Harriman Law represents injured clients in all types of personal injury claims throughout Massachusetts. We only represent injured people, never represent insurance companies, and are always working to secure justice on behalf of our clients.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each year, thousands of people are injured in car accidents in Massachusetts. Harriman Law represents injured motorists throughout Massachusetts in cases against negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

Sexual Abuse

Harriman Law represents victims of sexual abuse in cases against perpetrators and the institutions responsible for their hiring and oversight.

Wrongful death

Following an untimely and tragic death, Harriman Law provides counsel to family members or estate administrators contemplating wrongful death actions, and pursues wrongful death claims throughout Massachusetts, in all 14 counties.

Sexual Assault and Rape

Harriman Law represents victims of sexual assault and rape in cases against perpetrators, institutions responsible for their hiring and oversight, and against commercial facilities for failing to provide adequate security.

Sexual Harassment

Harriman Law represents victims of sexual harassment throughout Massachusetts. If you or a loved one is being victimized by sexual harassment in Massachusetts, call or email us today for a free consultation.

Harriman Law represents injured clients in all manner
of personal injury claims.

We are passionate about our work seeking justice for injury victims. Call us at 617-482-1723

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Google Rating
I was injured in a car accident September of 2016 and I am very thankful I hired Michael and his team at Harriman Law Boston. He was such a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, follow up, execution, and even communication of legal terminology was incredibly helpful. The result of my case exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Harriman Law Boston to anyone in a similar situation.read more
Kelsey Shamano
Kelsey Shamano
17:45 05 Aug 17
I was in a motor vehicle accident Summer of 2016 and not being from New England, trying to find an attorney to represent me would be rather challenging. I reached out to a colleague / friend of mine and he recommend Michael Harriman. I sent an email to him and within a half an hour, there was a connection. Michael understood my relentless frustrations, I sent over the photos of my car accident and that same day – it was a new found relationship that I knew that I didn’t have to worry about. Michael is approachable and the entire process so easy that I knew everything would work out in the long run. His only requirement is transparency because he is advocating for his clients. I kept Michael abreast of every single appointment to every scan that way he just had to collect the data to document. My case was closed out before my 1 year anniversary of my accident and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Michael Harriman is a true testament to the law and his clients. Great attorney and I would refer him to my family and friends.read more
Pascale D
Pascale D
17:59 06 Jun 17
I have referred injured friends and loved ones to Harriman Law because of the personal attention they receive and the great results Mike gets for his injured clients. The feedback I receive from my friends and family around his responsiveness and attention to detail is outstanding.read more
Dan Fratalia
Dan Fratalia
13:35 04 Aug 17
An unforeseen event dramatically impacted my life.One day I was walking my dog at an open public park. I returned home with a significant accidental injury warranting a six month medically approved leave from my position as a registered nurse. My right lower leg was directly clipped by a friendly, frisky 11 month old lab. I recall being taken down hard. I describe it as, “one minute I was looking ahead acknowledging another walker and her daughter, the next I was looking at the sky and hitting the ground.” The owner of the dog came over to help me stating “you never saw her coming”. I incurred a non-displaced right tibia plateau fracture. My plan of care, per Massachusetts General Trauma ( MGH), was non-weight bearing (leg brace & crutches) for 8 weeks, 3-4 week MGH appointments with follow up diagnostic x-rays, and physical therapy. My goal was to follow this medical advice to avoid surgery. I literally went from being a very physically active person; bike riding, hiking, walking with friends, to sitting on the couch with limited mobility. Intellectually this was very challenging. I was cognitive of the fact that this was going to be a professional set back. I had recently completed a new grad nursing program with my employer and working on the floor with patients is the crucial link to professional development clinical experience. I own a dog, and thus, understand the responsibility of ownership that equates to liability. This was not a malicious attack and the owner was gracious. Nonetheless, this event had significant ramifications affecting both my personal life and professional growth over the course of six months.Boston personal injury lawyer, Michael Harriman, listened to my situation. His counsel, on my behalf, educated me on why and how an insurance claim is the justifiable avenue to compensate individuals in this type of circumstance. He clearly explained the legal course of action with patience and in terms that made sense, with an emphasis on including me in the decision making process. I felt empowered by his legal guidance. Ultimately, I was pleased with the insurance claim settlement and believe that it was fair compensation. I confidently recommend Attorney Michael Harriman. Unexpected life changing events happen. At those crossroads, it is important to have astute legal guidance from a personal injury attorney, such as Michael Harriman.Marybeth Oread more
Marybeth O
Marybeth O
13:23 08 Mar 17
Michael represented me in an employee law case. He handled very sensitive issues with care and compassion. He always explained what was happening step by step and complete honesty. He was professional and personable. Michael helped me through a stressful/difficult situation and supported me as not just a client as a person throughout. Even through multiple phone calls and e-mails from me, he brought a sense of calm and understanding to this particular situation. I would recommend Mr. Harriman to anyone looking for an attorney. From my experience, he knows the law very well, and he loves what he does. You can tell he works for you and for what is right. It is shown in his work that he doesn't do this for the paycheck, but for the love of his career and justice.read more
Kaitlyn Teser
Kaitlyn Teser
18:55 15 Jun 16
I was hired by a Fortune 500 Company and, in less than one year, was promoted to management and charged with turning around an under performing location in their market. I was an exemplary employee and manager, and received numerous awards and letters of merit, accomplishment and praise. I had more than 25 years of experience upon hire. After five years of exemplary performance, I was terminated. I was crushed, furious and terrified. I had been a fantastic employee, and now I had no job; I am the primary earner in my family and now my family home, my son’s college plans, our credit, all of our lives were upside down. Following my termination, I found out that a much younger, less qualified, inexperienced replacement was placed directly into my management position. A family member who is a lawyer referred me to Atty. Michael Harriman at Harriman Law in Boston. He was a savior. He was kind, considerate and personable. Michael appraised the situation and made his recommendation, like me, he thought someone should be held accountable. For various reasons, Michael relayed that my claim would be an uphill battle. Still, Michael was willing to take a chance, he empathized with my situation and was angered by it. He felt as I did: “I had been screwed”, and so he took my case based “on principle”; he asked for no money up front, and went to work, and he worked tirelessly. He made no promise that he did not keep, he was timely, returned calls and always kept me informed. It was a long process, tedious for Michael, I am sure. The huge company we were up against tried their best to ignore him but, he persisted, until they could ignore him no longer and then he made my case as clear as day to them. They began to offer us settlements…Michael made me a part of every step in the process.This is why I can whole heartedly recommend Harriman Law and Michael Harriman to any and all those who have been walked on by a company large or small; Attorney Michael Harriman settled my case for more than five times what I had estimated my best settlement would ever be. I trust Michael for all my legal affairs. You should too.read more
Pam Coviello
Pam Coviello
21:30 12 Oct 18
I was recommended to Michael after getting injured and traumatized from a car accident in 2016. Michael guided me with confidence and clarity through every step. I felt thoroughly informed, and was continuously amazed by his attention to detail, kindness, and passion for his work. His legal writing skills are incredible and his overall energy was a joy to be in the presence of. I strongly recommend Michael and his firm!read more
Jessica Alvarez
Jessica Alvarez
01:37 26 Jan 18
Michael Harriman, the personal injury lawyer in Boston, was great to work with. He responded in a timely manner, was extremely professional, thorough, and trustworthy. Highly recommend.read more
Jessica Lavoie
Jessica Lavoie
23:19 16 Feb 18

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